Which Guitarist do you prefer out of these:

John Petrucci
Steve Vai
Joe Satriani
Michael Romeo
Yngwie Malmsteen

Who do you prefer!
Out of those? hmm...

I prefer Chauntelle DuPree
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obviously satch.

i suggest poll
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hmm... don't say I recognize any of those names.
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I dont "prefer" any of the guitarists but if i had to pick, id probably pick Joe Satriani. but to tell you the truth, Michael Vick is communist. Just throwin that out there.
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hmm... don't say I recognize any of those names.

HOLY SH*T, is that a f*cking joke?

Definitely Satch for me. Can we call him Snatch instead?
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there i said it...kinda

edit: i do realise they are not here...so i kinda didnt say it...

1. Steve Vai
2. Satch
3. Petrucci
4. Yngwie Malmsteen
5. Michael Romeo - i have never really listened to him tho