Like the title says, I want a tube amp for less than or around $400. It's going to be replacing my Fender Pro Jr, so I don't want offers for Valve Jr's, or any other lower wattage, single channel amps. I'm in the U.S. and unless it's in the central or northern NY area, it would need to be shipped.

If anyone would like, I could trade a Digitech GNX3000 in perfect condition, or my Fender Pro Junior, and I have a few pedals lying around too.

Let's see them!
I have a vintage 1968-70 Garnet russel tube head and a vintage 1960's Supreme Tube combo which I say is definatly 50 watts atleast. both very very good amps
Details and pics for all 3?

I'm not familiar at all with the Garnet or Supreme, so any information would be nice, and how much are you looking for?
The Garnet its from a company made in canda, who made amps back in the 60s-70's, thi particular head was made from 68-70. Its two channels, distortion/clean ( the distortion channel is not functioning atm) spring reverb, all orignal tubes, pull bright switch. excellent clean amp. Its in wicked shape too. These amps are sought after because I dont think they were in production long, so their rare to come by( imsure if you googled Garnet you'd find alott more than I can tell you) excelllant amp

and the supreme was also ,made in canada during the 60's its a 2x12 Tube combo (with orignal tubes) this thing gets pretty loud, its got 3 imputs, tremolo knob, it has no distortion but I never used it for distortion anyway. very nice amp. Sorry I dont have more info but i couldnt find anything on Supreme amps. and I'll link pics later
I don't know; I'm mainly looking to upgrade becuase I'm actually playing with a band now, and need more versatility. An amp that only half works, and another that has no distortion that I know nothing about wouldn't really cut it.. How much would you be asking for them?
its not tube, but I have an Ampeg SS-150 head. i'm looking for cash if your interested. or Orange.