Feel free to talk about wolfmother all you want (i personally love them) I think there definately needs to be more bands like this to bring back 70's rock. And I was wondering if anyone has news about their new album or a possible release date. I heard a rumor that it was called Mammoth (google it to see the cover)
um ive seen them 3 times in concert on accident cuz they've opened for all the bands i went to see and i find myself liking their shows more than the headliners i came to see...
we don't need to bring back mindless power trio thrashing. we need to bring back the unexpected the new, the challenging the fun and the joy of being alive that characterized the music of the 60's. i'm sorry but a music scene dominated by heavy riff rock would be just as bad as what we have. we need VARIETY and INNOVATION, both rare since 1968 or so.
oh, and as a far as wolfmother go, well, at least they have energy. there's a lack of that out there too.