This is only really a draft, needs a bit of tweaking...

10 o'clock news, another war again.
How many more people dead, how many suffering?
And you remark how sad it is and thank God it isn't you
Or your family....

And it seems so far away
Through the comfort of your screen
And you can just change the channel
When the hurt and pain and screams...

Become real,


Because it's happening
Somewhere you've never been
Where the sky is burning red from all the firing
And it doesn't stop
Just because you turn your TV off...

Metal breaks, fragments obscure the sun
But no second thoughts of what this World's become
Behind your picket fence, all is calm and serene
And you thank God it's someone elses kids
Fighting for your dreams...


And one day soon, one day real soon
This could be happening in your living room
Unless you take a stand, fight and demand
You could be asking God why your family....

I loved it,some lines didn;t fit though,i like dit because of it's simplicity,some lines ruined that..
a little lost.....
wow i liked it the at first i was thinking it was kinda metalish but then the bridge mad it sound like ballad-y but idk i could hear it in my head as i read
Just because I play the drums doesn't mean I suck at guitar, or ams that I's iz stoopidz.

Space that ain't yours