i always seem to have trouble writing songs with just bass, i feel like i have so many great ideas but i play bass, and its hard to portray with just the bass. i'd buy a guitar, but i cant use a pick if my life depended on it. how do u guys do it? better yet how do u present the riffs to ur bands?
i would get a cheap guitar
write on it with the best picking i could do (in your case)
and then write the amazing bass line around it
like the guy above me said though
guitar pro is a good program
I don't have this problem. Get a multi-effects unit; despite all the purists slagging off effects on bass, they really help you broaden your sound, and consequentially, your ability to make sounds.
i love writing on bass, and play death and thrash metal. my problem is the opposite, everyone who heres my stuff thinks that all i do is follow the guitar, when it's the other way around. i can't write an independant guitar part to save my life.
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