Poll: How do you wear your guitar
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View poll results: How do you wear your guitar
Low slung
28 22%
up to the waist
79 62%
chest level
28 22%
21 16%
54 42%
Voters: 128.
chest level high up there, coz i wanna be able to spit on the 19th fret baby!!!!
With my hands.
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up the waist, sometimes it's horizontal and sometimes it's diagonal (upwards or downwards, depends of what i'm playing)
just a little below the chest really, i say functionality over looking cool any day
depends on what im playing. jazz would be better just below the chest. for more of a heavy rock playing style i say just above my crotchal area. crotchal?
i dont get how the guys from trivium play so low
like theyre really good at theyre own solos

and the play theyre guitars as low as most crappy punk bands

chest level , but sometimes at stomache.
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i sit down and lay it sideways on my lap, it so much easier
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yeah, by the waist, and horizontally.
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my crotchal area. crotchal?

Crotchety area

Usually a mix between low and waist level.
croch area, head pointing 1~2oclock position. i have short hands but i don't wanna look like an idiot by having the guitar all the way up my chest

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with my hands............

i depends on how "in to it" i am. i constantly change positions.
the pickups are about as high as my belt and my neck is maybe 35 degree slant upwards.
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I usually have my bass around chest level and horizontal or I sometimes have it low and diagonal depending on what I'm playing and if I can be arsed adjusting my strap from the last time
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I have myn on ym chest, i get ripped all the time, my mates who play hardcore **** say i look like in the the beatles :S

I find it easier to play that way.
A little below my crotch area, diagonally. Sure, it makes a little impact but once you've gotten used to it it's really not that big a difference.