Poll: How many days of practice do you miss before you feel guilty
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View poll results: How many days of practice do you miss before you feel guilty
1 day
34 31%
2-3 days
36 33%
7 6%
one week
6 5%
one month
2 2%
I dont need practice. Im that hot
9 8%
16 15%
Voters: 110.
How many days of practice do you miss before you feel guilty?
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I'm the guy who shows up and wonders where the damn drummer is, so I'd say you should feel guilty right away. Because you're pissing off whoever you jam with.

Edit: oh, you meant just personal practice
my bad
like 2-4ish
3-5 days.

Sometimes I just need a break from the ungodliness of the sound bouncing off these 18x18 garage walls and just need to chill.
Also need to get away from the bitchin and complaining and from seeing their faces every once and awhile.
About 2-3 days, although one time i didnt play for about a week and a half. I wentinto a state of withdrawl. NOT GOOD
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I find that when I play alot for, say, a week straight (like 5+ hours a day), then not play anything for 2-3 days, I go back to it and feel amazing at it, everything seems so easy.. It's wierd.

I feel guilty after 4-5 days, though.

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None, my guitar owes me five bucks.
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My guitar has been in the shop for the last two and a half weeks. So I can't play untill I get it back. And although there is nothing I can do about this, I still feel guilty.
why the hell would i feel guilty for not playing guitar?
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I never feel guilty about guitar. However I'm an aspiring illustrator and I can't go a day without drawing before feeling guilty so I know the feeling.
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why the hell would i feel guilty for not playing guitar?

I agree, I do it for fun, and you should too.
omg didnt praktis skaels for 2 dais goin 2 self destrukt in 5 4 3 2 1
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Not guilty, but I do feel a bit disappointed when I don't play for a day or two.
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i hate not playing guitar. when i dont have time i get pissed offfff.
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Depends what practice means. I'll feel guilty if I do things that improve my technique and exercises and learning songs and **** like that, for less than maybe half an hour a day. I don't really do any more than about an hour a day since I'd rather focus on writing and jamming and coming up with ****. If you mean just playing, I never miss whole days ever.