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they're one of my favourite bands, tbh. "lucky" is an awesome album, beautiful beat and weightless are fantastic songs. i love all of their music, essentially. they really convey a certain feeling with their music.
im surprised there wasn't already a thread regarding them.
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The lyrics are getting better and better. I liked them on the weight is a gift, but then I heard lucky and it really caught my.. ear

If I like Lucky, is it worth getting their older stuff? Because I hear it's a much more mature sound than their usual.
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they're a pretty good band, but there's only like a few songs i like by them.
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i saw nada surf last fall with sea wolf and they sounded great! i was really impressed with their live show. their latest cd is pretty heavily produced so i wasnt sure what to expect live since they're just a trio. great show!
the only good Nada Surf song i've heard is Popular, and that's their most popular song.
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the only good Nada Surf song i've heard is Popular, and that's their most popular song.

have you listened to the weight is a gift?!?

there are quite a few great songs on it - extremely catchy tunes with some meaning behind it. its seems more mature than their earlier material, with the exception of the song blankest year, which by far is one of the most enjoyable songs on the album.

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i still havent heard much from lucky. it was one of those albums that i added to to my "to buy" list, but for whatever reason just got distracted by other bands
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i've heard Weight is a gift is a good album. all I have is Popular but that is a really cool song. I love-ve-ve the chorus
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Some of their stuff is really good, some of it is really boring.

Example? "Blankest Year." Really good. "Inside Of Love." Really boring.
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New guy bringing this thread back from the dead...

I've worked out a handful of my favorite Nada Surf songs, most of them require a capo.

Brilliant song writing, strong tones from all involved (punchy bass tone) and Caws has a cool voice.

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