Bascially I've finally hit the wall or rather I'm stuck at my current level with my guitar which is rather frustrating. In a sense its more of a creative wall than skill, since I've learned a vast amount of chords, jazz, blues, fingerstyle, theory and even after 8 years or waiting arrpegiation. I'm bored with the guitar now, when I pick it up I just don't have the inspiration like I used too. Listening to my favorite artists and emulating them doesn't help either.

Have any of you had this problem and if so how have you gotten over this hurdle in your musical career?
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Jeeze, i havn't gottent here yet but broaden your playing styles maybe?

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you've gotta search inside yourself and interpret what urges you're having. I've never had a problem with this, but i'm sure some have. when you're frustrated like you are, there must be SOMETHING you want to do with your guitar, right? maybe it's something you've never done before, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. maybe you just want to produce some good experimental music, using very basic chords and such, but really get into the editing process? maybe you want to write a completely unfamiliar kind of music?

if you just can't seem to think of what you really want to do, the best thing is to just wait. separate yourself from the instrument for a week, and the urge will come back.

getting into new artists always helps, too.
Just turn on some backing track, sit down (or stand if that's what you prefer), and just jam.

Or, even better, find a bass player and drummer and just hang out and jam with them. Make playing into a social experience, instead of you sitting in your room practicing by yourself.
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Are you around other musicians? I constantly hit walls. And the only thing is to get out there with other musicians. Hopefully musicians that are better then you. Nothing gives you more ambition, a sense of competition, and inspiration then getting out there. Competition being the greatest kick in the ass.

Do anything but sit and practice by your lonesome, and don't stick around musicians that are either the same or not as good as you. Trust me.
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explore new areas musically, hell...learn to play slap guitar

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and don't stick around musicians that are either the same or not as good as you. Trust me.

but it feeds my ego