"During late May 2007 the band began listing Epic Records as its label on their MySpace. Punknews.org has now also reported that band is on the Epic roster.

On Saturday, February 9, 2008, Alkaline Trio posted a message on their myspace page explaining that they had been in the studio for three weeks working on a new album. The release date, title, as well as whether or not completed songs like "In Vain" or "Fire Down Below" will be on the record are still not known.

Drummer Derek Grant stated in a video posted on myspace that the trio's sound on the new album will be a turn back to a more raw, and less produced sound. As a result, all the songs on the record were recorded as a full band."

Wikipedia is your friend.
"A post on the official Alkaline Trio fanclub, "The Blood Pact." confirms the new album has been finished, mixed and has 13 songs. The album will be released this summer through Epic Records."

form absolutepunk.
there's a huge alk3 thread already here though. use it instead of this.
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I posted all the studio updates in the other Alk3 thread
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"Taken from punknews.org: Alkaline Trio has unveiled a special set of Trio-banded Nike skate shoes. The Heart and Sole Air Zoom Cush and a limited run of messenger bags will be released June 27th exclusively at Jacks Retail Shop in Huntington Beach. A nationwide release is planned for July 11th. The band will also be releasing a new record titled Agony and Irony on July 01, 2008."

how tragic...

i do love matt's appearance on the new H2o song though