...and my computer is f^ed

I'm using a dell xps m1210 with vista and a 2.0ghz centrino system, and for some reason my wireless isn't working(the wifi logo doesn't even light up) and one of my cores is running at full capacity with nothing open but mcafee and firefox.(the other is hovering around 25%)

Have I killed it?

I know that's not much to go on but it's worth a shot...
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did you go to the wireless icon in the right-hand corner to see what might be the problem? or try to connect yourself?
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Not a virus, I just got through scanning, and I just restarted and the processor has come down from its caffeine high, sort of, but still no wifi...windows says there might be a problem with my computer's network adapter...I'm thinking it's a hardware problem.

It's only been weeks since I watched a guy from dell rip this thing apart to put in a new motherboard...could this one be bad as well? I would be so pissed...it'd be the 3rd time I've had to call for a hardware malfunction.
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