hey all.
what kinda music would a peavey classic 50 be suitable for? i play quite a bit of punk with alot of muting, but also heaps of other styles, eg classic rock, heavey rock, a lil bit of metal as well. im aksing cause ive found a used one for a insanely cheap price...they retail here for $3000 new zealand dollers and they only want 550. it has a bit of wear and tear and is missing a few knobs, but yeh doesnt bother me.

any help would be great thanks
They are good for classic rock, and dont really get much heavier that that without an overdrive. Also i have a Boss ds2 like you and it sort of sounds a bit hollow, like lacking punch when i use it with my classic 30
so does anyone know if i could get a decent sound for punk with a good chuga chuga mute using a pedal? at the mo i have a boss turbo distortion, but yeh i would buy another pedal if i needed to
Hang on a sec, i'll go try the pedal with the mid boost on the amp. I forgot to try that. Just a sec.

EDIT: It didnt sound any better, in fact it was worse
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I think its just the pedal doesnt really work well with the amp. Other pedals would be able to make it heavy better.
hmmm maybe an overdrive would be better, or a tube screamer. can any one else give me some insight on this?

If it's that good a deal, you should jump on it. It's a huge upgrade over what you have. It'll handle almost anything that I'd consider punk on it's own, and it'll do some heavier stuff than that with a decent OD. It's a quality, well-built amp. I wouldn't be too concerned about cosmetic issues.
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Grab it. Good amp, the right pedals will get you just about any sound you want. For the punk sound you want the overdrive channel might be worth trying out, set the gain low and the mids high and see how it does. It's a pretty versatile amp, I've only played a couple briefly but I've seen several onstage at club gigs, and I think Neil Young was using one when I saw CSN&Y a few years ago, but I wasn't close enough to see the logo well. Could have been a Fender too, but it sure looked like the Peavey C50. Van Wilks has used one onstage for several years, he uses everything from realy clean to ZZ Top style distortion, his C 50 handles it well and sounds great. I'm not sure what distortion pedal he uses, can't remember, but it's very similar to what you hear from ZZ Top on Sharp Dressed Man, My Head's in Mississippi, TV Dinners...so this amp can handle a good variety of sounds, should be worth trying.

Also consider the price...if it's that expensive to get one over there, if you don't like it you can always resell it, probably for more than it cost you...win/win...go for it.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
I can get acceptable tone for heavier stuff if I play around with my MXR M108 and crank the amp.

It sure sounds sexy for pretty much everything else, though .
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Grab it I have had a classic 50 since they first came out. The one I have now is the latest. They are a great amp especially for blues and rock.
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some dude snaped it up before i got the chance.....but thanks for all your elp guys