I bought a seymour duncan dimebucker for the bridge position humbucker of my sa...It has S S H config...Here is how it is wired...Wiring Diagram I followed the seymour duncan wiring instructions to no avail..if I hook it up how they instruct to, I get no sound...I also tried to put in a hot rail in the neck position and had the same problem.
Just noticed that link doesnt work..here is a pic of how the stock pickups are wired. If someone could help me to figure out how to get the dimebucker and hotrail wired, I would appreciate ya.
Or you could try the special Ibanez drawing for a Seymour Duncan in the Bridge.



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Ok, thought it worked...it gets sound, but it doesnt sound as hot as it should. The bridge sounds like a middle or neck pickup would, and the neck, sounds waaay too bassy....Any ideas? I've tried wiring it three different ways to no avail.
It seems like something is wrong or weird with the tone, because I can turn the tone knob on any pickup and it sounds the same, but I didn't change any of the wiring whatsoever on the volume pot or tone pot.
I did do that, each pickup makes noise in it's desired position, and there is a difference in tone between the three, but it does not sound right. Everything is bassy.