what do you think of this guitar


i've only been playing for about a year and a half but my guitar ( old yamaha but not old enough to be good ) is just falling apart.
ty in advance for the help
in referance to agile guitars

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For $119, i'd say it doesn't look too bad...
But then again...
You'd be safer saving up a bit more and going for an Epiphone or the like.
They really aren't bad at all.
There are better beginners guitars, but all in all it's up to personal preference.

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The Douglas line isn't very good. They're made by the same people that make SX, but it seems like they put more quality in to the SX guitars. And even more in to the Agile guitars. If you can't afford to go up to Agile, than go with an SX instead of the Douglas. If you need a guitar with humbuckers, I have an SX SEG-1 and it serves me well. It doesn't do clean at all, not even on the single coil. Actually, the single coil blows. The 2 HBs are pretty nice with distortion. I warn you though, if you get it, you'll need a setup right away.

There's a better guitar in the price range though. The Dean Vendetta XM. It will also need a setup right off the bat to combat the fret buzz. But I got some solid tone out of mine while I had it. It did clean and dirty very well. It's only 99.99.

Here's a vid:
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dude i have one and i absolutely love it

the only downside is that the pickups arent too good

the neck is awesome htough

i wouldnt recomend it for metal
so if you are another one of UG's metalheads
dont get one

there great for other kinds of music
i play it through a fendfer roc pro 1000
and a great clean sound comes out
I think you should save up more and get an Epiphone or something ..
EDIT: You will end up buying a better guitar a few months/years later anyway again
Just spend the $80 extra and get an Agile AL-2000. For the price you aren't going to really be able to find any good competition. Suitable Epi's cost quite a bit more.

And btw Douglas is manufactured by Saein's Chinese Plant (Chinese/Korean OEM behind Jackson, Ibanez, Schecter, and other brands who have lines made in those countries). SX's are made by Team Intl. Co. in China which is a completely separate company who does OEM work for companies like Sam Ash's Brownsville line. TMYK
Get a SX or agile if you can afford it, but they're ok
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Quote by guitarman2332
Honestly no, I would definatly save up the extra hundred bucks or so to get an Ibanez

which one?
I suppose it depends on your budget and music taste man.
In all honesty I'd recommend saving more though.
if you got 100 or so now you should just keep saving.
http://www.zzounds.com/item--IBARG370DX would be a nice option for metal players
http://www.zzounds.com/item--FEN134600 for most anything else

but get w/e feels good
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What would an Intermediate guitar for classic rock to hard rock uner $250 be?

I know theres not many choices but Im on a very low budget....the cheaper the better but I still want good quality.
I think you would be unhappy with it as soon as you learn to play some stuff. Get something a bit higher quality, look in Ibanez or ESP beginners.
Check Musician's Friend. If you can scrape up a bit more the Yamaha Pacifica is a good deal and decent guitar. $189.99, free shipping, no tax.
I like the dean better than the Douglass
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