I have a Laney GS412v cab and i have no idea how much it is worth. I searched online but i cant seem to find any info on the cab. The only thing i found is that it is packed with HH speakers. It is a GS412V not an GS412A it has a switch on the back togo from mono to stereo.

I am thinking about getting a Marshall Head and trying to figure out if i should keep the laney cab or get a marshall one.

As of right now i am going to keep the cab and get a marshall head.

If anyone has any idea how much the cab is worth please help me out quick cause i live an hour away form a decent music store and im going tomorrow (3/11) afternoon to check out some new amps. thanks in advance!

i found that A one.. judging by your descripttion, its the same thing but maybe a different series.

seems to be a half decent vintage voiced cab.. buy the marshall head and if you like what you hear with the laney cab, then stick by it. if not, then try a whole bunch of cabs.
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Keep the cab and replace the speakers in it later on with some better ones. That will be cheaper than buying a new cab.
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