Hey, i havent been around for a while too bust playing bass i was wondering does anyone know any song's for and intermediate player i can already play
Killing In The Name (Rage against the machine
Smoke On The Water (Deep purple
Holiday (Greenday)
Aireals (SOAD)

And i'm learning Animal i have become (Three Days Grace)

Any suggestions
If you are one of the %10 of teen who doesn't follow Rap
Anything by Iron Maiden, like The Trooper. In the beginning it will give you some pain in the fingers, because of the heavy rhythm in the riffs. But if you practice it long enough, it will get better
Verticle and Horizontal

YOU, need to read that.

I want to see every musician grow to be the best they can, and for that reason I recommend you not learning tabs until you learn theory.

Buy a metronome. Learn Music Theory. Learn your scales. Play with said metronome. Play with drum tracks. Then start learning tabs. Tabs are like reading magazines, they are for enjoyment purposes, but what you should be reading is that book for your english class (e.i. my advice above).

I promise you, following that advice will make you a stronger bassist and all around musician. The good thing about learning theory- there are more paying jobs for bass if you can read music (it is called being a ringer).

and whenever you do get back to playing tabs for fun, Muse- hysteria is a very fun tab!
He don't remember, how it got there
It had a number, written on his forearm
It spelled disaster
Iron Maiden - Wrathchild
Iron Maiden - Killers

Killer bass intros and it isn't that hard tbh.

Theory is good to learn, so then you can improvise!