in my music class we need to make a presentation
i am wondering how to approach this

we have a sax-piano-2guitars-drums-bass
we need to figure out what the 2 guitars will be doing and then we will done


oh we are in key of C
yeah just use the blues scale to solo and a standard 12 bar blues for the rhythm. Easiest thng in the world too. Piano would help with rhythm and sax could take turns having small little licks they play in there.

Your fortune to be playing blues with a piano and sax player. Many of us blues players can never find any willing to play it who can play them well.
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"Oh I'll play the blues for you"
You know a lot of ensembles have been doing this lately. Piano and two guitarists. How much comp do you need right? I would strongly advise that both guitarists have minimal and specifically individual roles in the rhythm. Or else it's just gonna sound dense as hell. The sax player is probably gonna have most of the fun. those bastards
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You could have the drums, bass, and one guitar play rhythm, and let the sax, piano, and other guitar each solo over the rhythm.

You could do some really cool stuff as long as it all fits together (it's a bit tricky to mix a varitey of instruments like that and keep it flowing). Just make sure you give the lead guitar a bright, jazzy tone (as opposed to a crunchy boogie-blues tone followed by a sweet, flary saxophone voice) and try to match each other's style a little bit. You could write some really good licks and songs with such a good variety of instruments willing to play blues, so just be creative.
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