So I've got this beautiful new Hagstrom Super Swede and everything on it is perfect, however, The High E string on the 6th fret is completely dead, it makes virtually no sound. I've tried adjusting the action higher and it did almost nothing. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to fix it?? I'm probably going to bring it to a tech, but if there's a simpler fix I can do myself I'd prefer it! thanks!!!
so the high E string doesnt vibrate when played on the 6th fret? otherwise it plays fine? i sound like a broken record seems like everytime i read a new problem post i say....trussrod adjustment (which you should be able to fix yourself)
the frets may be unlevel which would mean its techie time
or a loose fret which you might be able to fix yourself.
dont forget to make sure you are clearing the frets in the upper registers like from 14 on up
& check for the same problems
is the tuning on standard? If so it could be something rong with the frets...
Well, the string hardly even vibrates, its not even just fret buzz, its like a totally dead sound.... like the sound of a Sitar or something, if that makes sense. Every other fret sounds perfect with no buzz at all, just the one! It is in standard tuning, the frets look fine and seem very secure. I'll try playing around with the truss rod, which will be a first for me, anything I should be careful of, can i do any irrepairable damage to the guitar by messing with the truss rod???
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Mine used to sound like a sitar, it just kind of went away after awhile. Is the neck bowed? I remember mine doing that right before my first concert, I thought it was the end of the world. Then my guitar teacher adjusted the truss rod lol. Hope you can figure out whats wrong with it
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