So, my first guitar was a Schecter Tempest Custom, and I still love it. It's a really versatile guitar, and is made quite well, especially for the price. I'm even upgrading the pickups to SD 5/59's for an even better sounds.

The problem is that I love to play metal, and not just metal, but heavy metal. Even a lot of Melodic Death, at least, more like CoB and In Flames melodeath. And with where I'm headed with my Schecter, it's definately becoming a more rock guitar. Now, I could just put more metal-oriented pickups in my Schecter, but I've decided to let it go that route so I can work on leaving the metal to a guitar truly suited best for it.

In my deciding to get an ESP SV Standard, I have hit a brick wall.

Living in the US, I have no idea where to go about finding one, and not online. I'd obviously like to play one before fully committing. But not only that, but I don't know how much they cost here. I know it's over 2 grand in Australia. I was hping someone might know good places to get them cheaper, or used, too.

Thanks again for the help. If anyone can answer these questions, or tell me about their personal opinions or experiences with this guitar, it would be much appreciated.
Well u can get them from malaysia...they are much cheaper here... or there is ebay of course.
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Other than ebay, I would hit up guitarjapan.com with an email. Just ask them if they can order you an ESP SV Standard. I forget how much they said it would be, but shipping is about $100 I think, which is a LOT cheaper than Ishibashi, which is where a lot of people go to for Japan-only guitars.
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Well u can get them from malaysia...they are much cheaper here... or there is ebay of course.

Totally the opposite, ESPs are horrendously over priced here. Your best bet would be online. Check out Isibashi's website.
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Thanks for all the help guys, I'll be sure to check those out

but is there anywhere at all I could see them for myself? Any shops that could order them if they don't already carry them?
the closest thing youll get to a SV standard is a KV2

I have both guitars, and they are extremely similar.

same neck wood, same fingerboard, same body. the sound differs because of pups, but as far as feel goes man, go find yourself a KV2, if you like it, then either buy the KV2, or order an SV standard.

I got both because I love both the king shape, and the rhoads shape, and I got them in opposite colors (white on black, and black on white).

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