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Not sure if this is in the right place but I'll just post and mods can move it etc. etc.

Anyways, I was thinking of purchasing a step-down transformer (240v - 110v) so I can buy amps from America and run them in Australia, therefore being able to buy amps for cheap(er). Ok so basically I'm wondering how much wattage the transformer is going to need 'cause I was thinking of in the future buying heads of probably 120 watts max (and that is pushing it A LOT). So tell me what kinda transformer I'm gonna use and if there's any cons to using a transformer, I think I've heard it degrades the tone or something.
Thanks guys
Find out how much the wattage the amp consumes, and buy a transformer which exceeds that number.
I think you need a power converter really. Something like this when i did a quick google:


An amp is rated at 120 Amps, but that is most likely peak and only when cranked.
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No man, dont, honestly dont bother, its a huge pain in the arse and these transformers have a bad habit of going very wrong, even when using one with a huge safety margin. Especialy gigging, you want reliability, and using an amp from a different country with a converter is far from ideal, trust me.
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Quote by jewbaby667
An amp is rated at 120 Amps, but that is most likely peak and only when cranked.

120 Amps? You'd need some pretty special wiring in your house to be able to deliver that.

I just checked the first 120w I could come up with, the Peavey 6505. You'd need a 400w+ converter/stepdown transformer for that.
Thanks Mr. Hankey. And I'm pretty sure that a step-down converter wouldn't be that much of a big deal. Plug in the converter, flick it on, wait a little bit, plug in amp, switch on amp, play.