Have any of you guys ever heard of a bassist playing with capo, because the other day I was playing a song on guitar which called for a capo, and to play the song we both, bass and guitar played capos. So have you ever heard of a bassist playing with a capo?
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It strikes me as being pretty much pointless, as the capo's only really used for chord reasons, which don't apply on the bass. You can just screw your finger down.
I do it. Only for tapping stuff though. I slap it on the 9th, 10th, or 12th fret, so I can play higher up the fretboard, so I can get some notes to pull off to the capoed fret without having to change hand position constantly.

However, if a guitar is capoed, you really shouldn't have to. It's not like you're playing open chords at all.
I use it for the same thing as Del, so I can pull off to higher notes etc. I don't use one that much though, and never have I used one in a band situation.
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