I have an Ibanez RG-1570.

I have replaced the strings many times, and each time i have followed the same process of blocking the trem, loosening the strings, putting on the new string, tuning it up, unblocking the trem, and maybe adjusting the spring tension a little, and it has always worked fine.

Anyway i broke a string today so i followed the same process, but the damn trem is pointing into the guitar excessively, even with the springs fully tensioned. I cant understand why, I have loosened the strings and retightened them evenly many times, but still with the same result, the trem pointing into the guitar. I was using the standard guage strings recommended for the guitar, but i even tried using lighter strings, and still the same result, all i can think of is adding another spring, but i shouldnt have to, as i never have before, and it should work the way it is supposed to.

Any advice would be great, thanks
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if you could upload a picture and show us the internal guitar works and what your trem unit looks like then we could get a better idea of what your on about:P

but my guess just now would be add another spring if that dont work see your knife edges see if they are sharp and if not sharpen then adjust the posts as well just to be safe
nah you just need to open up the back and tighten the screws on the plate that the springs are attached to
I already tightened the springs to the max, and still no good. The trem is pointing in as if the wammy bar was pushed down.
RG's & Mesa's
Is anything lodged in the trem cavity?
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Unless your springs are some how broken, which IS WTFBBQROFLWAFFLEPANCAKE immpossible.
Something is likely logged in the cavity bro
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