i want an amp i am a new palyer...i want a tube amp and in the same price range is black heart handsome devil 15w and peavey windsor 100w...which one is better i have a boss gt8 and a gibson les paul bfg...black heart has a clean chanel and windsor has only a dirty one...so which is better a clean tone and a gt8 for effects...or a gt8 on the effects loop for the clean tones?please help!!!!!
Consider that the Windsor will necessitate the purchase of a cab to go with it so it won't end up nearly as affordable after the fact.

Also consider that if you consider shopping used, you can usually find one of the "much loved and much endorsed tube combos" that this website seems to talk about a little too much, such as the Peavey Classic 30 or the Traynor YCV50BLUE.
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both of them needs a cab...but which one?i cant choose....please help!!!!
Not both, you can get a combo version of the Blackheart. I suppose you can get a Windsor combo, but from what I hear they're a big let down.
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