Ill add you, but I cant say im too much into acoustic stuff

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go participate in the indie forum or search for indie groups in the profiles, you should make some friends that way
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I'll add you, but shut up about the acoustic stuff
Yeah, just indie for me.
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Ovenman, your contraptions make women's

clothes evaporate.



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That's far too clever to be posted in the Pit.
if you're indie (and you're not a d*ck), you're a friend of mine
i'll add ya
I'll add you, too. But only to exploit you for aid in my plans for Global Domination.
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I love you =] I can't say I was very fond of you when we first started talking because you trolled the hell out of my threads, but after talking to you here I've grown very attached to you.

Yeah, write to my fanclub about it, honey.