Right now I've got my JS set up with 2 push pull (coil split, high-pass filter) master vol/tone pots, a 2-way toggle switch that acts as a kill switch, and a 3 way pickup selector.

I never use the high-pass filter and am in a tinkering mood, so I was thinking COMPLETE REWIRE TIME!

What are your recommendation for getting maximum versatility out of a 3 way switch, 2 push pulls, and another switch? The last switch can be either a 2-way or 3 way since I've got an on-on-on and on-off-on lying around my room.

I'm heading to class and will check back later, and probably start wiring it up after I'm out.
man, no love for my threads.

I was thinking series/parallel for each pickup on the push pulls and coil tapping with the toggle...