So I like the idea, the interface the profile look etc etc.

What im unclear about is, What I should actually upload? Do I upload bootlegs or real songs or whats the goo?

ANd last but not least, Can you actually download songs of Imeem or just listen to them?

ANyone have a nice imeem profile they care to link me too so I can see how its done
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Jesus christ stop making all these threads that are not interesting, at all.

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Anyone willing to share info with me
+1 to the Frogman.
If you've got the program/app/site/whatever on your computer, presumably you'll know what to do with it. If not, look for help off the manufacturers themselves.
Bumping every half hour will make people even LESS likely to post on this epic failure of a thread.
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bump, really dont understand the point of this program

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