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cant wait
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Man it feels just like anal sex, I think; I'm still a virgin

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Goose is my Hero.

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Yeah, if you get the shag in before she's your legal sister the incest is over turned
6A1 2B3 2B4

B3 - Physics and Bahasa Melayu (Malay language)
B4 - Chemistry and Islamic study

Well that was 2 years ago.
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I got 11 A1s woooo

congrats mate! wow,didnt know a bunch of malaysians would go on UG.and we are on the 1st page in the pit.great place to start.
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Here's my SPM result:

Can I has fail tiem now plx?

u fail
We may be small on the map/globe...but not as small as Singapore.
I'm seeing my results in a year time. Amazing how i can still be in the pit
overrated lameness

oh my goodness! never knew malaysians came here to UG!
6a1 1a2 1b3 1b4 1c5
c5 for moral. hah

You know they rock.
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Lol. Heard bout the guy who got 20 A1's and 1 A2? Crap man.. scary >.<

I wish he's a pit monkey.
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I wish he's a pit monkey.

Wish dat too. >.< He's simply raising the expectations and standards of all the future SPM-ers. =(
Lol. Lucky then. I'm onli student to drop Chem. XP And I'm the only Science student to take Art and English Lit up instead Hahaha
Damn man that 21As dude is a FREAK.

Well, I got straight A1s. That makes me > him. Woohoo!

So I was thinking of doing biotech. Hopefully I'll get the scholarship for it. What are you guys doing after SPM?

And I can't believe there are so many Malaysians around this age at the pit. Lol.
Lol. Well, I'm taking SPM this yr >.< Ah well, c'est la vie. hahaha. I hav a friend in UCSI doing biotech, I've heard it's interesting so gd luck for it =P
Lol. Sri Cempaka, Cheras. Hehh.. And yea, I know what u mean. Haha.. Actually a lot of last yrs SPM-ers kept coming back to school after the school hols in Jan XP They always tried to hav fun, then worry, then hav fun summore XP
Chillar. It's still a realli good skewl =) You guys just had some Treasure Hunt thing last month ryte?
Interact Treasure Hunt? I think so. Haven't been keeping up with my school since I left. The Interact TH is quite lame compared to the Scouts one. That one is killer. My god. I still remember trudging through KL at 2am in the morning from Mid Valley to a cemetery.
Lol. Okay. Yea, cause I was 'supposed' to b a representative XP But I think we didn't go in the end cause most of the students were bz around dat time =P Ah well... XP What exactly were y'all looking for anyways?? Haaha
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