i like industrial stomp the best... definately the drums intro is gd and the guitar is solid... how did you create this.. using a midi and live guitar or is it all beat, the little repetive melody in the tune kept me interested but after a while the guitar chords/riff got a bit boring... maybe if you took the ideas from two of ur songs and mixed them together you could get a more varied sound... btw solo very gd (skillful) and guitar tone stunning...

could you crit mine please http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=808371

word of warning, this will get closed if you dont take down two of those. rules are here, only get two songs per week, check the rules thread.

ill crit your first one anyways.

cool percussion here, nice tone and rhythm, sets it apart. i dont really see where the high pitched "lead" is going. nice bass section. there sounds like there is some clipping on the lead guitar solo track. great solo though. very melodic and interesting. most people when the put up a "trippy" song with a solo, they just do a bunch of atonal crap that ruins it. good job.
why end it so soon?
i liked it so here is the second one too.
great drums. nice mechanical vibe from the second instrument. i like the distorted rhythm, very deep sounding. dont normally listen to industrial stuff, but there is some stuff that sounds like Machines of loving Grace.
solid tune so far, great solo tone. nice chromatic notes. all sounds pretty decent, well played and with good note choice.

crit some of my stuff? links are below in my sig.
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Sounds good, the second one was my favorite. Good job, it sounded pretty professional. Can you crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=808644
Jordan not bad at all.Had a nice alternative feel to it(ala acoustic nirvana).Nice dissonant sounding chords.Diablo man,i listened to get bent.Very nice crunchy solid tone and very sabbath inspired riffs.Is that a b.c. rich you're using?Anyway,nice vibrato and good rhythm.I like riptide the best-nice randy rhoades style legato flavored riff.Again you have a very nice tone for metal.Very rich crunchy and smooth.
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