I'm at uni at the moment I have my guitar with me and I'm playing it through garageband at the moment as I left my amp at home, my mum doesnt drive so it's very hard for me to transport heavy things.

Garageband is ok for noob ears like mine, but a lot of the time it goes out of sync with my playing, so I want to get a small amp that would be really easy to take back and forth. I don't have very much maybe about £50 or so, so I'm not expecting anything brilliant.
yeh £50 was just a round about number, I could probably stretch to £70.

The microtube seems cool, but I've looked at the pocket pod too, would that suit my needs?
My vote goes to the MicroCube. If you decided that you want to do a little performing, you'd need something else to plug the Pocket Pod to for people to hear you. Yet you could still use headphones with the MicroCube and even plug an MP3 player into it to play along with.
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definitely no performing just practicing I like the cube, but the the pod is soo tiny and I have speakers already. But I suppose the cube sounds better.
By performing I think he meant "performing" to a couple of people in a small room. I'd take the Cube over the Pod if I was you. Its small enough to take anywhere and has batteries so you can jam outside or whatever.
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