Shadowed Throne

You shall pay for every life that has been lost
How much is enough for your pride
Watch on your thrown as your city burns
To coward to move from your protected shell
Everything you made is going to hell

As the shadow falls upon you throne
There’s no stopping the flames that burn
For he has raised his almighty hand
Now you shall pay for the sin you have made

You’ve cursed yourself and your land
For the blood deep in the ground
Innocent pay for your wealth
Only so many can die


The tears that fall from the sky
Fall on the bodies of those who died
Cleansed from the angels tears
At the kingdom gates they will appear

Our time here has been conceived
To tear life from the innocent being
The trumpet sound you time has come
So sit like the coward you are
your judgment will fall
There is no escape
With your blood you shall pay