i have an Eddie Van Halen D-tuna for my floyd rose, and its suppose to change your strings from drop D to standard, by pushing and pulling out the little metal piece that comes with it, but well, it all my strings are tuned in drop D whenever i push in the metal piece on the sixth string to change it into standard, it changes the tuning of all the other strings. it isnt suppose to Do that and i cant figure out how to fix it, please help if you know anything about this.
its just the nature of a full floating bridge
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well is there anything i can do to stop it, because i cant really use my D-tuna, its practically worthless then.
Quote by JLT73
its just the nature of a full floating bridge

No, it's not. Please never post unless you know exactly what your talking about: no post is better than a post that leads the thread starter in the wrong direction. Thank you.

Now, I had an EVH Wolfgang and the D-tuna that worked like magic after a proper set-up. Go onto their ( Peavey's ) website and download the manual for the actual guitar, and in it you will find some wonderfully comprehensive and easy to under-stand instruction on how to set up the D-tuna. It is a sweet little gizmo, and you can definitely set it up to d-tune the low E string without affecting the others. I know I did it with mine for over 6 months and really enjoyed the functionality of quickly accesing both tunings. Check it out, and good luck!
hey thanx i really appreciate it, i was starting to worry because i spent 30 on it and thought i waisted my money lol thanx.
yeah, you need to set up your trem not to float (not to mention set it up properly like in the link posted above) for it to work.
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