whats a good setup (tube amp etc.) that i would be able to buy for about $500-$700? i play anything from metal to classical and accoustic. just some ideas please.
Any amp that isn't a Line 6 or a Vox. I've had bad experiences with both
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^ I agree that a Vox wouldn't be good for metal, but in general most people find them to be good amps for their price ranges.

For classical (nylon-stringed) and acoustic guitar, you're better off getting an acoustic amplifier, but the metal playing requires a high-gain electric amplifier. Which sounds do you want to recreate most authentically?
Your going to have to pick which sound you want the most, lighter-metal-or something in between, or raise your spending limit. The only amp in the price range that can come close do it and metal is the peavey VlaveKing, but its def a jack of all trades but a master of none.
i wanna be able to play stuff that has a soun like megadeth or disturbed, you know a pretty heavy metal, but also wanna be able to swiitch off and play some songs by like nickelback or like nothing else matters by metallica
Valvekings can be quite the master after you become familiar with the amp and the speaker gets broken in.
I would reccomend a Bugera 333xl. They sound preety good for the price. They also will do all the tones that you are looking at