ive been playing for a few years but ive never tried finger picking and people say it makes fast picking patterns when playing chords alot easier. well is this true and if soo what are some good ways to learn this technique?
Start off with easy songs that only require thumb and 2 fingers e.g. stairway to heaven, tears in heaven, greensleeves lol and then gradually move on to harder things like classical gas, classical music (bach, mozart etc), babe im gonna leave you that use thumb and 2 fingers. Then u should have a decent grounding to move on.
do an internet search for fingerpicking lessons. I'm sure you'll pull up something that will inspire and/or teach you.
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try and learn to use all four fingers for finger picking too...when u get those type of songs.....like i pick house of the rising sun like that....even though its done with a pick...it sounds good and its good practise
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You can play Classical Gas after a year? I think we have a prodigy on our hands.

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Sweep picking after only 1 year of playing? O_o