My friends have been telling to get Skype for a while so I downloaded and installed it but I have a question. I tried calling my home phone and the call went through and when I spoke on the phone I could hear it come out of my computer speakers. So it works.

But in the Skype client, it tells me that it's $0.02/min (I'm in Canada) so how the hell are they supposed to charge me? It's not like I gave them info about any of my credit cards - I don't even have any.

So I guess I'm just confused how this works, can someone explain this to me? And does this mean that it's free if I call from my PC to a home phone (land line)?

probably trce your IP to your home address and send you a bill.
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It Shouldent. All skype calls are free for the first year. Ive had it for like 3 years, and since I don't call to any phones, I never get charged.
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You get some free uses when you install it for the first time.
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