Will it be safe to power my ashdown MAG 300 through an extension cable? It’s one that gives you 4 sockets.
I put mine through the following set up-

wall socket- extension plug with computer, speakers, monitor and another extension plug, which has tv, xbox, alarm clock, and hair dryer or MAG depending on if I want to dry my hair or not. Haven't run into any problems yet.
i have a 6 way and no problems, and 4 ways are more reliable, so yes, perfectly safe.
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So long as it's fused and earthed.

And if you have issues with power surges (like those that seem to plague my area of the world), get one that has some sort of surge protection built in. I've had a laptop, lamp, bass pedal and 15 Watt Guitar amp and a 100 W bass amp running off of one strip with no issues.

Though I don't multi-task as much as Delerium is on his outlet!