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Stay with the strat
6 26%
Get the razorback
7 30%
Get something different?
10 43%
Voters: 23.
i currently have an american fender stratocaster, but i mainly play metal and a strat is really a blues guitar. the strat is the only electric guitar i have owned.

a guitar that has cought my eye as being a proper metal guitar is this http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/page/shop/flypage/product_id/13780/a/r/e/base
i have read quite a lot about it and it looks like the guitar for me.

should i get the razorback? stay with the fender? get a different guitar alltogether? opinions please

(also i use a marshall mg50dfx and a boss metal zone mt-2)
New amp and throw a stacked single (like an SD Mini JB) in your bridge position.
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You would be much better off buying a new tube amp and maybe getting one of the EMG pre-made kits that should drop right into a strat (IIRC, they are pre-routed for HSH configurations... or maybe that's just the cheaper ones). It will improve your sound a LOT more, will be MUCH more rewarding, and will probably cost less than that guitar.
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New amp and throw a stacked single (like an SD Mini JB) in your bridge position.


Strats can handle metal just fine if you change out the pickups. You can also get an HSH or HSS pickguard to have some humbuckers.
Yngwie uses a strat...nobody uses and MG. Get an amp...
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Get a better amp, don't be afraid to get something used, as long as it's good.

Just because your fav bands use marshall, don't get a marhsall unless you can spend around 1,000$. My dad just got a marshall TSL JSM 2000 combo, it's nice

try to get something with Tubes, more than one. Vox has good quality amps, for 600$ you can get an AC15 which I have right now. Great cleans, the distortion can't compare to high end marshalls, but it's better than any MGs :P

Mesa Boogie sound like marshalls, they're good amps ;]

but if you're set on getting a guitar, I suggest getting an Ibanez (with Edge Pro trem) any other trem is crap. Licensed Floyd roses suck, Original are the good ones. Edge III's and II's are poor quality too.

Ibanez Prestiges are the best bet, or a Jackson. If you don't want a trem I suggest a Gibson, they pretty balanced sounding guitars