I just bought a new EPI LP Plus Top, and in the reviews I read noticed a solid thread for upgrading and was curious as to why?
It seems a lot of folks feel that by upgrading the Pots to Gibbi or CTS, it will improve the sound.
It also seems access to the pots is pretty straightforward and simple, is this observation correct?
Will it make that much difference in the sound?
If YES then WHY?
Then lastly what specs should I look for in the pots?

Thanks as always for your time and opinions.
I have heard a lot of people say that they upgrade the electronics on Epi's. I also dont know if it really makes a differnce.

I do know that it is really easy.
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Well I just thought there might be an opinion on say putting in 500~ vrs 250~ pots and wanted to know what diff it makes?
to put it into context, do you think gibson in the 50's and 60's (when they made their oh so sought after guitars) resourced the best pots money could buy or the cheapest pots money could buy?

google the tone lizard, he has some interesting (and contrary to popular opinion) things to say about this very subject...
Thank you please.