So I got this Danelectro French Fries auto wah for cheap. The only problem is, the output is really low. I have to switch to the "drive" channel on my Fender Frontman (****ty amp, I know, but it's the one I use at home to practice) and turn the volume all the way up when the effect is on to hear something. When it's off, I still have to turn the volume all the way up (but on the clean channel, at least) to hear the sound.
What can it be in your opinion? I opened the pedal but there aren't damaged contacts, there's a trimmer but I don't know what it changes.
In my opinion there's a problem in the buffer section, but I have no clues.
What should I do? Anyone has a schematic for it?
Sorry man, it seems I haven't all the money you have. Plus, Dano pedals are more than worth the price.

Any REAL help?
it sounds like the live and ground wires are touching somewhere,
I've thought of that and looked at the contacts, but... Shouldn't the pedal be quiet that way? The fact is, it still makes sound but at a veeeeeeeeeeeeery low volume...
When you say cheap like to cheap to be true theres something wrong with it. Im not saying dano pedals are cheap or junk. Was it to good of a deal.
stupid question, but are you playing active pickups?

maybe the battery's shot?

that, or perhaps something in the pedal power is wrong?

just a mindless rant from a tired brain.