Eh Pit..this is one for the serious thinkin crowd..

If a person is an authority figure such as a coach, govt leader,
teacher or a CEO....

Do the decisions they make in their private life effect their credibility
as a leader?

If they serve the people they work for and only give them
the best and make them successful is that all that matters?


If they are dishonest in their personal lives..and it has nothing to do
with their job or just make bad decisions that are morally shady..
do they automatically become unfit to be a leader..even if the people
they serve are prosperous and succesful?
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They do not automatically become unfit as a leader, but if someone is callous, unempathic, morally bankrupt, etc, in their private lives, the chances are they won't be much better in their public lives.
Private life normally has nothing to do with it unless it has been exposed
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Sometimes it does. Some people make mistakes esp. government members that mean you can't look at that person the same. E.g. Clinton...who can look with him without thinking of all the jokes about Lewinski!!!!!! Teachers are similar. I know a few years ago in the UK a teacher was fired for doing porn in her spare time! I think its harsh how they are treated because they are people like everyone else but i suppose they are looked up to so they need to be good role models!
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You are treading in a very grey area.
It all depends on what their role is in society and what they did in their personal life.
Example one of the most respected heart surgeons in the world was caught in a prostitution sting he got a lot of flack about it and lost his position but was then reinstated later because hiring a prostitute has nothing to do with being a heart surgeon.
Now if it had been the Chief of police who was caught then damn right he deserves to be fired on the spot because it is against the law and his Job by definition is to uphold the law
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