I'm just looking for some Morbid Angel tabs from the Formulas Fatal To The Flesh and maybe something from the Domination album.
I'm finding everything from Eb to Bb tunings for their guitars.
I do know that a 7 string has been used on some of their albums, not sure which ones.

I hope someone knows what they're talking about when they answer...
Does someone know what tunings he uses for only these two albums?

The songs I'm interested in are
Prayer of Hatred
Nothing is Not
from Formulas Fatal to the Flesh
off Domination:
Where the slime live
Eyes to see, ears to hear
Nothing but fear
Dawn of the angry
There's a bloody massive tuning thread in the Metal forum. It's there for a reason.

Morbid Angel use Eb standard on a 6 string and Bb standard on a 7 string. It's pretty obvious when they're using each one. All of Domination is played on a 7, and all of Altars of Madness is played on a 6.
I've checked out that tread.. even have it saved as a blog (didn't know where else to put it).

I figured people would have more tabs up... seems like you're lucky to find a specific song and once you do, someone else has left comments saying it's wrong.

My ears are just getting used to "listening" for notes and things.
More time will help my ability to hear and play what I am hearing. But for now, it is too fast for me to distinguish exactly what is going on all the time.
And for now I have put on hold following along with most black metal. Rhythm guitars just seem to blend together with that stuff.
I like clear sounding guitars, not necessarily loud ones.

Ah, got a bit off topic but meh