I want to buy my first electric guitar, Ive been using my friend's Area for a while now but it sucks and i want to get one of my own... anywho if there is anyone in UAE who wants to sell his/her guitar plz let me know. I am really into Ibanez guitars especially the S series
ibanez rules.esp's ltd series is good too (ltd f-2e=guitargasm),epiphone is nice too
For your first, you should really buy new. I'd look into a Yamaha 112, Ibanez RG321, or Agile AL-2000 and a Roland Microcube.
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For your first, you should really buy new. I'd look into a Yamaha 112, Ibanez RG321, or Agile AL-2000 and a Roland Microcube.

honestly I don't thing that yamaha makes good electric guitars, and the RG doesn't match up to the S 520EX of Ibanez... but dude its too expensive to get a new one thats why am trying to find a good second hand. (btw my friend has the LTD Viper just like yours and man its a piece of heaven)
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Ibanez S470 is sick but maybe too expensive for beginning budget...
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This is what I recommend over any of those suggestions.



They're not very well known but I gotta tell you, when I first played the first one I was really impressed about the quality. The pickups are great and offer great variety better than I've heard on any guitar that has three single-coils, and the neck is amazing is smooth and easy to play. The fretboard almost feels like you're playing fretless! is sooo nice! You might not believe me and think I might be exaggerating specially because of the price but seriously at that price range an Ibanez RG EX1 (which I use to think was very good for that price range) is nothing in comparison to these. The second one is very similar in quality, they are a little different but I think the extra money for the first one is worth it so I mainly recommend that one, but the second one is still very good too. You should really try them out, you won't regret it.
cmon guys i really do need help... people in UAE seeing this article plz tell me if you are selling or if you know someone who is selling a good electric guitar.
and TrasherFromHell i appreciate the suggestion but i don't think that i can find this brand from where am at
i think that a stratocaster would be best. it's pretty versitle, it would also help if we knew what kind of music you like