yeah so I went to my local guitar shop and told them I wanted to take my Jackson DK2M dinky and tune it down to drop c, maybe put some 10's or 11's on it.

They said it would be horrible for that because of the Floyd Rose, what gives?

I thought FRs handled drop tunings fine?
drop tunings will be fine with it

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they were just to lazy to set it up, TELL them you want it in drop C, end of story!
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It can 'handle' pretty much anything you want it to. You just have to change the spring tension in trem. Its not hard to do. All you need is a screw driver.

That's what I figured -- they just didn't want to be hassled setting it up.

That's kind of ****ty that they would tell me it wouldn't work well; the band I'm in decided we were going to use drop c and I have another guitar for other tunings anyway.
yeah there is nothing wrong with that. it will work, go back tell him to get off his lazy ass and work to earn his paycheck then bitch slap him for the previous back talk.