Ok, so I've been playing electric for about 3-4 years now, and I'm pretty decent. I play mainly Satriani, Gilbert and Vai type stuff. But I heard this older guy in my school playing some percussive style acoustic, and he was amazing! Also, heard some John Butler, and wow! This is amazing! I really want to be able to play this kinda stuff.

So keeping in mind I can play guitar atm pretty well, just not at all in this style. I don't have an acoustic atm, and I'm considering getting one. I've had a few in the past, but they were all really cheap and crappy ones with rediculously high action . I see John Butler uses a 12 string, so I'm not sure if I'd get that amazing sound with a standard 6 string (well, I'd need a hell of alot of practice too, but you get the point).

Ok, thats all I want to know for now. Thanks and sorry if this is in the wrong place
You can play Butler's stuff (Ocean?) on a 6 - it just wouldn't sound as "full". If you are only going with one guitar, I would get a six over a 12, as the latter is bit more limited in it's application. Most people can't do what John Butler can do on a 12...
Yea, i'd say go 6 first, because 12s aren't as easy to play. so in other words, get a 6 now and a 12 later. because thats like going out and buying, for an example, an effects pedal that can only sound good with one song. well....not that radical. but you get the picture. 6 is a thousand times more versatile.
Ok, 6 string it is. And yeah the song I was talking about was Ocean by John Butler.

So, don't think I should start a new thread so I'm wondering if anyone can reccommend me an acoustic. I hate the look of the standard style acoustics (for lack of better words). I really like the look of the guitar in this thread https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=809553

But I've heard Ibanez acoustics aren't up to standard (which is hard for an ibanez electric anboy like me to accept :P). So, I need one that looks good , has a cutaway, not toooo bulky (depends), sounds good and at a price range of about £250-£450 (ish).


EDIT: Oh yeah, and electro acoustic.
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if you want a really nice sounding and looking acoustic, get a Washburn D100. it IS a standard style acoustic but the thing is beautiful. i mite have a pic of it on my prof and if i dont just ask and ill shoot one up.