So as you've probably guessed, I'm having trouble slapping triplets. I can slap pretty well at quite a good speed, but I just can't slap triplets to save my life. I've tried the method using the slap-fretboard slap-pop technique on the Warwick site, but I just can't seem to do it. The closest I can get is the bass line to "Shake Hands With Beef" by Primus, but that's about it. So is there anyway that i could learn it? Or is my best bet just to practice until I get it down?
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Slow it down to get the rythm of the triplets right, then slowly but consistantly speed back up to get the speed up to song standard.
Are you talking about JUST slapping triplets or are you talking about slapping AND popping a triplet? If you are just slapping triplets then the easiest way is to go down up down with your thumb. If you are slapping and popping...well just slow it down and practice like justpucky said haha.