Anyone have any valuable input on DeVry University?

I heard some pretty nasty things about them.
"When ignorance reigns, life is lost."

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It's not your typical college. Some find that good. Others bad.

I know that they do not transfer credit very well to a university and you'd probably be better off going to a community college if you're not looking to get a technical degree. Community college transfers far better to a university for a four-year or graduate degree.

But Devry works for getting you out there and making some money, getting a career path going, it's not ****.
Alright, thanks guys!

Another one of my options is Texas Sate Technical College (TSTC.) But, how would a "Certificate" rank against a Bachelor's Degree from DeVry in Web Development & Administration?
"When ignorance reigns, life is lost."

Teh Space