I'm gonna second this question. I'd rather not have to get a damn noise suppressor...
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Depends what you mean by "handles pedals better". I can't think of many amps that allow you to boost them with an overdrive pedal without having to use a noise supressor, if thats what you're asking.
I own a VK 112 combo and have owned two B52 112 combos. In my opinion they take pedals equally well.
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For those who know...what Amp handles pedals better? Peavey VK100 or B-52 AT-100?


Every amp that has an effects loop and thats tube will take pedals well. The B-52 is miles better than the VK, dont base your opinion on which can "take pedals well". All amps take pedals the exact same way... in the effects loop or in the front.

And the amp does not matter when it comes to the sound the pedals are giving....
the pedals make it sound different.
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You should try them both out as well as others. Don't be afraid to look used.