I realize everyone is different and has their own ways, but for me personally lessons through computer software almost seems surreal to me. I can't watch a computer play a riff and then have the confidence I need to play that same riff or something similar. When I first started out, nothing gave me more confidence than watching an actual person play the same riff I was attempting to play and if you have the privilege to watch someone in real life (not in an online video lesson) definitely take advantage of that. I would not have the confidence and experience I do today if it weren't for playing and practicing with people in real life. I guess it's the realization that an everyday person I know can play a riff that seems impossible to me, however, your style of learning may be completely different. Either way, best of luck.
A guitar teacher is best, if not an option, try some of the guitar mags with dvds / tracks ..

Total guitar / Guitarist and so on, you will find them a great help.. but not as much as learning the basics with a pro teacher
I'm very new at the guitar as well and have found 2 websites that I have enjoyed so far:

I signed up for lessons and I was VERY happy to find out that my instructor teaches much in the same manner that Justin does on his website. Through our first session, I pretty much knew everything that the instructor would have taught someone completely new.

He indicated several times that he was impressed by what I knew at that point.

Why did I sign up for lessons then?

Well, because the websites and videos can't correct your bad habits, or make sure you are starting off with good ones. I signed up to ensure that I was heading down the right path.. he already corrected my strumming technique (was using my 3rd and 4th fingers as anchors on the pick guard) and taught me a much easiier (for me) way to finger Open A chord (use fingers 3, 4, 5).

I can't really afford to go every week, so I think I will end up using the websites and going bi-weekly, or monthly to see him, to make sure I am headed the right direction.

One HUGE thing I can see with lessons is motivation... I have goals to meet for my next session.. that little bit of pressure can keep someone motivated..

Give those 2 websites a shot... good luck!
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A human being.
I totally agree with this statement and I endorse it.

You cannot learn much from software and I will go on and say you will develop bad techniques if you use software, Only a teacher "A Good Teacher" will show you the way to rock and roll.
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A human being.

Seriously. Just start out with a human for like a month a go from there. Build a good base so you won't be limited in the future.
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You can play Classical Gas after a year? I think we have a prodigy on our hands.

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Sweep picking after only 1 year of playing? O_o