alright, been posting up a lot of metal riff videos recently, so far they have been pretty well received!
heres the newest one, though its one i made up a while back.
Gear wise its an ESP ltd ex260 in Dstandard, going through a Kustom 30watt.
Genre wise, i think its sort of a groovy thrash type song.


one of these days ill put up a full recording of my stuff, but for now video will have to do.

Crit for Crit, as always. Leave a link!
Really nice riffing in the beginning and some super cool use of pinch harmonics and i like how you simultaneously carried the rythem and the solo at one point. Also the solo near the end was really really cool and i think you should have elaborated on it because it sounded really awesome. Also at one point near the beginning you went off but that was just a slight screw up and really isn't anything to worry about at all. You should definitely get a rythem guitarist to play some of the parts so you can solo more. Finally keep building it it sounds really good!
Neat riff, and a good tone which is rare for recorded guitars.
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