when i plug my guitar into my amp, all i hear is a constant, loud buzzing sound, and the strings dont play, when i pluck them all i hear is a buzz. its not the lead because ive tried two and still the same problem. any ideas what could be wrong?
open up the input plate, and there should be 2 wires connected to the input, one is the signal wire (carries the signal) and the other is the ground wire (grounds the electricity) if the ground wire is busted that should be the cause
Could be a wiring problem in your guitar
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Wiring or pickup. Either way, unless you're familiar with how a guitar's wired, have a tech do it. Unless none of the pickups work. If that's the case, you can't break it much more than it already is.
alright cheers im gonna try and open up the input jack and have a look if the wires are connected like you said... except i dont have a screwdriver
if that doesn't work, try the gear/tech forum. those guys are pretty knowledgeable over there.