So the lead guitarist from my band (I'm the singer that plays crappy guitar) says I need new pickups, i get a good enough tone from my 15 watt line six practice amp but i have this hum that drives my dad crazy he says he can get rid of it but it's just the bad wiring in my house mixed with my crappy pickups, I play a jackson Kelly with i don't know what kind of pickups but they suck they're still on there from when i got it at guitar center. But to the real point, the hum i get from my amp doesn't bother me it's the horrible wailing screeching feedback that I get through my lead guitarists crate halfstack, I enjoy some feedback after i play a chord that rings out but i get no sustain before feedback with this its just play chord then immediately screechy horrible demon crys, he has almost the same guitar minus my cool floyd rose trem but he gets that warm feedback that i love on live versions of classic songs. point is i wanna replace them pickups and get some that'll give me nice sustain maybe some good harmonic pickup and definitly no screechy horrible feedback I need humbuckers cause thats wut'll fit in my guitar and also it'd be nice to get rid of that hum coming from the bad wiring in my house any and all help is much appreciated thanks.
you. need. a. better. amp.

i don't even want to begin talking about new pickups when you're playing a 15-watt line 6. first off, there's no way that's going to be able to keep up with a crate halfstack and drums in the area of volume. secondly, if you think your tone is "good enough" then you, sir, need to clean out your ears.

amazing pickups will still sound crappy through a crappy amp.
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a new amp will help.
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New amp. Or a new band+new ears...
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Personally, I'd go with Dimarzios when it comes to humbuckers. I'll still recomend a new amp though, not necissarily for the humming, but just because i promise you that you could get better tone. I won't say you have a bad ear, though, because it's kind of hard to compare and get a reletive idea of tone comparison when you don't have different amps side-by-side. Look into one, though, you'll probably like what you hear when toying around with different tube amps. Just a long, drawn-out way of saying don't be discouraged. Make sure to listen to sound samples of possible pickups to make sure you like them, though. Through the best speakers possible, to hear the differences. good luck.
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I just want new pickups so that when I play my guitar through his amp when it's just us there i play simple guitar stuff mostly sabbath and he plays drums it helps me play to a steady tempo more than a metronome but i just wanna be able to crank up his halfstack without gettin that horrid feedback I don't really care about my tone, it's like i could pay money to get better sound but right now i don't need better sound i'm just learning and i'm content with just hitting the right notes and everything but uh thanks for the help u guys
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New amp and if its humming like amd with no signal through it look at a power conditioner.
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New amp will do. Go to GC and spend some hours playing differnt amps that suit your style of music

I asked the same question a long time ago, and said that I had an MG15 though
I don't mind feedback it's just i get this horrible screechy **** that i can't stand but I like feedback when it's warm and like just yea but i want to get something that doesn't just sound like **** when it feeds back people